Reliability, High-efficiency and Customer-oriented – That’s the value of Torishima Pump

We have been supplying innovative and reliable engineered pumps to a number of key markets worldwide for over the decades. All of Torishima pumps are tailor-made and constantly improved based on customers’ requirements and feedbacks. We never compromise the quality to meet, even beyond our customer expectations.

Torishima is firmly committed to contributing to society in total harmony with environmental demands.

‘”Water”. It is a source of life and indispensable for the civilization, the development of society and economy, and the enhancement of the social living environment.
Under the philosophy that Trisima contributes to the development of society in total harmony with environmental demands, we have been meeting the more sophisticated and diversified customers’ needs and have established a solid position in the pump industry.
Torishima will continuously strive to contribute to the society by providing reliable and enegy-efficiency products and services.