Product Literature

Lineup of Main Pumps



CDKTV Vertical Barrel

CDKS Volute Casing Pump

CDM 200mm to 700mm

CDM 600mm to 1400mm

CDMV Vertical Double Suction Pump

CPC End-Suction Volute Pump 2.5MB

CFV Vertical Volute

CPR Heavy Duty Process Desalination

CPW Hot Water Circulating Pump

HLV Glandless Boiler Circ

MHB / MHG Multi-Stage

MHD Ring-Section HP

MMK / MML Multi-Stage Turbine

MMTV Verticle Multi-Stage


Pumps for Power

Pumps for Seawater Desalination

SMV/SMRV Submersible

SPV Verticle Mixed-Flow


Annual Report 2015

Process Contracts in World

Company Profile

Technical Information (TORISHIMA Review)



Torishima Pump Video


Brine Recirculation Pump for S.W.C.C.
Al-Shoaiba (M.S.F. System) Saudi Arabia

To Request Spare Parts please contact Lisa Faford with the Model Number, Serial Number, Description, and Quantity.


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