Product Literature

Lineup of Main Pumps

CA Series

CDKTV Vertical Barrel

CDKS Volute Casing Pump

CDM 200 to 500mm

CDM 600mm to 1400mm

CDMV Vertical Double Suction Pump

CERS End Suction Volute

CFV Vertical Volute

CHN Circulating Pump

CHR Hot Water

Circ CNA Non-Clog

CNP Non-clogging

CPCN Single Suct Process

CPR Heavy Duty Process Desalination

CPW Hot Water Circulating Pump

High Pressure Pumps for RO Desalination

HLV Glandless Boiler Circ

MHB / MHG Multi-Stage

MHD Ring-Section HP

MMK / MML Multi-Stage Turbine

MMTV Verticle Multi-Stage

MSH RO Pumps for Desalination

Pumps for Power

Pumps for Seawater Desalination

SMV/SMRV Submersible

SNK Screw Pump

SPSY/CFYV Vertical Volute

SPV Verticle Mixed-Flow


Annual Report 2013

General Catalog

Process Contracts in World

Company Profile

Technical Information (TORISHIMA Review)



Torishima Pump Video


Brine Recirculation Pump for S.W.C.C.
Al-Shoaiba (M.S.F. System) Saudi Arabia

To Request Spare Parts please contact Lisa Faford with the Model Number, Serial Number, Description, and Quantity.


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